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Shell Lubricants

Shell Ondina 68 - 209L Drum

Shell Ondina 68 - 209L Drum

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Shell Ondina 68 - Medicinal White Oils

Shell Ondina Oils are highly refined, non-additive, aromatic-free paraffinic white mineral oils complying with the stringent pharmacopoeia purity requirements. Ondina oils can be used in pharmaceutical, food packaging, cosmetic, and other applications, where high purity is required by legislation, or important for the quality of the finished product. 


European Pharmacopoeia 3rd Edition

Japanese Pharmacopoeia XIII

US Pharmacopoeia 29th and 30th Editions

US FDA § 172.878 ("White Mineral Oil") for direct food contact

US FDA § 178.3620(a) for indirect food contact

FDA specifications: §173.340, §175.210, §175.105, §175.230, §175.300, §176.170, §176.180, §176.200, §176.210, §177.1200, §177.2260, §177.2800, §178.3120, §178.3570, §178.3740, §178.3910, §573.680

UK 'The Mineral Hydrocarbon in Food Regulations 1966'

European Directive 2002/72/EC for plastic materials coming into contact with foodstuffs



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