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Shell Lubricants

Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2 - 180KG Drum

Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2 - 180KG Drum

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Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2 - Premium Heavy Duty Extreme-Pressure Lithium Complex Grease with Solid Lubricants.

Shell Gadus S3 V460D grease is a high performance high temperature grease for slow moving heavily loaded large bearings subject to shock loads.

It is based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a lithium complex soap thickener.

Apart from containing the latest additives to ensure excellent high temperature, anti corrosion & anti oxidation performance, it also contains MoS2 to ensure that the grease can handle shock loads.


Please contact us for a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations.



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