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Shell Lubricants

Shell Corena S3 R46 - 209L Drum

Shell Corena S3 R46 - 209L Drum

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Shell Corena S3 R46 - Premium Rotary and Screw Compressor Oil

Shell Corena S3 R46 is a premium quality air compressor oil designed to deliver high performance lubrication of rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors.

It uses an advanced additive system to provide excellent protection and performance for compressors running at up to 20 bar and 100°C discharge temperatures with oil maintenance intervals of up to 6000 hours.

Corena S3 R46 helps provide effective protection of internal metal surfaces from corrosion and wear. It contains an advanced ash-less anti-wear system to help prolong the life of critical parts such as bearings and gears. 


ISO 6743-3A-DAJ



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