Empowering knowledge and experience

There are many technical reasons why a piece of machinery would fail and we are empowered with the knowledge and the experience to offer expert technical advice when it comes to diagnosing unforeseen problems ahead of time.
Some frequently used diagnostic techniques are:
Condition monitoring

Our range of condition monitoring methods contribute to avoiding outages, reduce maintenance, insurance, and energy related costs, to significantly improve upon the safety of personnel & assets. Our assessments are designed to pinpoint the equipment anomaly, without the need to shut the system down.

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Lubricant audits

If it’s been a while since you’ve implemented or reviewed your plant’s lubrication methods, don’t underestimate the value of taking a step back and looking for areas that you could improve. Lubrication audits are necessary for bringing awareness and attention to the processes occurring within a plant, so that the team that manages lubrication can address any existing or potential problems and provide the most efficient and reliable and machinery. With a lubrication audit we will come to your plant or shop and conduct a thorough evaluation of your entire lubrication program—from your ordering and storage procedures to analysing the oil in your machines. Depending on the size of your program, this may occur in several stages, but at the end, you’ll receive direct feedback on how to improve your program and maximise machine life.

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Vibration analysis

Uncover potential issues early and make adjustments during design by conducting vibration analysis with Simulation. You can identify trouble spots that could cause problems, such as, resonance, fatigue, and assembly techniques and avoid costly rework and delays during the prototype phase.

Simulation provides detailed vibration data through frequency analysis and dynamic analysis to ensure product performance and safety. Vibration analysis is an important consideration when an applied load is not, inducing unstable modes of vibration (resonance) which result in a shortened service life and cause unexpected failures

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Heat spot analysis

This is an effective and efficient way of discovering hot spots on machinery that could be running at elevated temperature. Here we use a heat gun to physically look at your machinery with a heat gun which highlights hot spots where the equipment may be running too hot. From this we can uncover potential problems way in advance and find solutions before equipment is damaged or over heats which may lead to expensive repairs.

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RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

These techniques allow us to offer valuable information to customers on the condition of their equipment and recommend precautionary maintenance ahead of time, preventing the machine from failing at critical operational periods.

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