Shell Spirax S3 T Oil is ‘Super Tractor Oil Universal’ (STOU) oil designed for use in a wide variety of modern
agricultural equipment. They are a blend of high viscosity index base oils and an advanced additive package
designed to give reliable performance in a wide range of farming applications.


Universal Tractor Oil

Practical, convenient and multi-functional
One oil for many lubricant applications around the farm.

High performance
The high performance capabilities of Shell Spirax S3 T can help maintain the life of all mechanical components preventing metal fatigue and early wear of all working parts.

Excellent gear protection
Protects against scuffing, pitting and wear of all transmissions, gears and bearings.

Jerk-free hydraulic operation
Use of quality base oils to ensure consistent low temperature viscosity characteristics ensures smooth operation of hydraulic pumps and rams.

Excellent anti-corrosion properties

Excellent protection for all working parts.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 37.5 cm



CAT TO-2, JDM J27, GL-4, CF-4

Unit Price

R80.04 / 20 Litres


Transport, Mining & Construction, General Manufacturing, Agriculture