Shell Rimula R6 M fully synthetic oils deliver highly responsive protection, maintenance saving long drain
performance, protection against soot, wear, deposits and fuel economy. Suitable for most Euro 4, 5 engines
without Diesel Particle Filter.


High Performance Extended Drain Interval Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Maintenance saving
Shell Rimula R6 M meets the long oil drain requirements of leading engine makers such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo and others to allow operators to optimize maintenance scheduling and maximize equipment availability without compromising durability.

Exceptional piston cleanliness
Shell Rimula R6 M uses advanced additive technology that builds on the reputation and performance of Shell Rimula engine oils for high levels of piston cleanliness essential for long engine life.

Low wear – long engine life
Shell Rimula R6 M meets the demanding wear protection of many European, American and Japanese engines, controlling bore polish and valve train wear thus maximizing engine life.

Fuel economy
Shell Rimula R6 M can save money in fuel consumption compared to high viscosity grades.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 37.5 cm



SAE 10w40, E7, CI-4, ECF-2, CES-20078, MB 228.5, VDS-3

Unit Price

R95.63 / 20 Litres


Transport, Mining & Construction, General Manufacturing, Agriculture