AeroShell Turbine Oil 500

AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 is a 5 mm 2/s synthetic hindered ester oil incorporating a carefully selected and balancedcombination of additives to improve thermal and oxidation stability and metal passivation.

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Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil

AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 was developed essentially to meet the requirements of Pratt & Whitney 521 Type II and MIL-L-23699 specifications and is entirely suitable for most civil and military engines requiring this class of lubricant. AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 is approved for use in a wide range of turbine engines as well as the majority of accessories.
With the advent of the new civil turbine oil specification, SAE
AS5780, which has more stringent requirements than the
military specification MIL-PRF-23699, AeroShell Turbine Oil
500 was approved as a SPC (Standard Performance
Capability) oil.

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 41 × 32 × 29 cm




MIL-PRF-23699 F Grade STD

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R394.96 / 1 US Quart, R0.00 / 208 Liters