Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from Atlas Oil?
We are the biggest Shell Lubricants Distributor in South Africa, “Your One Stop Oil Shop”. We stock a wide range of oils and greases catering for any application, and if we don’t stock it we will find it for you.
Why should I spend that little bit extra and buy a high quality oil?
Oil only makes up on average 2% of the running cost of your equipment or engine, yet it’s literally the lifeblood of any machine. Skimping on the oil is the last thing you should do as it can compromise the performance and life of any machine.
Do you offer free delivery?
Yes we do, within a 100km radius of our warehouse.
Do you sell grease?
Yes we do, we stock a wide range of greases for all applications.
Can you send someone out to my premises to see me about oil?
Yes we can, our professional sales team is waiting for your call, and are more than willing to travel the distance to meet you face to face.
How often must I change my oil or perform a service?
Oil drain intervals vary according to OEM recommendations, and the type of oil you are using. Generally, synthetic oil drain intervals are much further apart as the oil lasts longer, the conditions that the machine is working in also plays a part in determining the service interval.

Our technical team is waiting for your call and are more than capable of advising you on this as each application is unique.

Technical FAQ

What is Viscosity and how important is it?
The definition of viscosity is a fluid’s resistance to flow at a certain temperature, or in simpler terms, it is the thickness of the oil.

Viscosity is possibly one of the most important, if not the most important aspect when selecting a lubricant, having the correct viscosity for your lubricant can either increase or decrease the life of your equipment.

When selecting the viscosity of an oil, always stick with the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) recommendations.

Why should I use a Multi-grade oil?
Multi-grade oils offer better cold start properties, they allow lubrication of the engine to occur faster at start-up temperatures, which is when the most wear in your engine takes place. Multi-grade oils also handle high temperatures better than mono-grade oils like SAE 40.

This makes them more suited to modern high performance or turbo-charged engines as temperatures are much higher in high-performance engines produced today than they were in years gone by.

How does oil protect my engine?
Engine oils are designed to keep your engine clean and clear away dirt, debris and deposits from engine components using specialized additives to help prevent blockages in important oil ways. The additives in the oil help to keep the dirt in suspension until it is removed at the next oil change.

Oil also reduces friction and minimizes engine wear, your oil forms a protective film over your engine components and has special additives that act between the moving surfaces to prevent metal to metal contact and reduce drag to help with maintaining efficiency.

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