Conventional Lubricants

Shell Lubricants

Atlas Oil is an official Distributor of the full range of Shell Lubricants. We supply the Transport, Equipment Maintenance, Mining, Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors with: 

  • Rimula and Helix Engine oils
  • Tellus Hydraulic oils
  • Omala and Spirax Gear oils
  • Corena Compressor oils
  • Gadus Greases
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Turbo T – Turbine oils

Industrial & Metal-Working Fluids

Atlas Oil - Industrial & Metal-Working Fluids

Atlas Oil offers a range of Industrial & Metal-working Lubricants & Coolants used in metal removal operations. Milling, Drilling, Turning, Hobbing and Drawing of metal in manufacturing processes are just a few applications, where this range of neat and soluble cutting fluids can be used. We also specialise in mill coolants for the Tube & Pipe Manufacturing Industry. 

  • Lubricants
  • Coolants

Rust Preventative

Tectyl - Rust Preventatives

Tectyl is a well-known global brand of Rust Preventatives & Metal Coatings. The range of products consists of : 

  • Water-based solvent and non-solvent
  • Water-Based Solvent and Non-Solvent Cavity Waxes
  • Chassis & Underbody Coatings
  • Engine Coatings
  • Multipurpose Rust Inhibitors
  • Speciality Rust Removers and Rust Converters

Antifreeze & Brake Fluid

Engman's - Antifreeze & Brake Fluid

Engmans is a tried and trusted brand of Antifreeze/Summer Coolant and Brake Fluid that is essential to ensure longevity of vehicles and equipment.  The range consists of 2 variations of Antifreeze and DOT4 Brake Fluid. 

  • Multipurpose Antifreeze – this is the entry level product
  • Super Antifreeze Summer Coolant – this is the product that carry’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approvals for your piece of mind.
  • DOT 4 Brake Fluid – Contains inhibitors to prevent corrosion of metal brake components and has excellent high temperature handling ability.

Both these products are available in Ready-to-Use (RTU) premixed form, which is very convenient and eliminates errors in mixing product strength correctly, as well as a 96% Antifreeze Concentrate for those that do prefer to mix their own.

Aviation Lubricants

AeroShell - Aviation Lubricants

Atlas Aviation Lubricants is the Macro Distributor for AeroShell in sub-Saharan Africa. We supply AeroShell Lubricants to the General Aviation sector as well as Commercial Airlines and Militaries. The AeroShell product range consists of :

  • Turbine engine oils – TEO
  • Piston engine oils – PEO
  • Fluids
  • Greases